Here is a  space for us to share with poetry, song, images and prose,our sometimes battered hearts. In creative expression, healing begins. Like setting free caged birds, we can release to the universe our hidden fears and our moments of connection, choosing words worthy of our feelings.
Perhaps, in our deepest hearts—we are creators. Of course, we are just arranging matter, we add yellow to blue paint and get green for example. We put flowers together in a vase and —wallaa! What we make of words is just like that—more then the words alone—we make concepts/images that just “pass through” person to person.  We know when that happens.  Viewers might say, “Oh, I get it,” or knod, or maybe tears come, and our lives are enriched by the joining of minds. It’s a mind meld, this “creating.” I want this site to be about “creativity that enriches.” Help me out here! Let’s begin…

Just Passing Through

We buried our dogs, and planted some flowers
Violets and bleeding hearts, over they grew
Each petal reminds us of joy and devotion
Of shape shifting spirit just passing through

He saw me shivering, soaked in the rainstorm
Shared his umbrella, and warm wishes too
I later helped someone, also a stranger
Abundance of kindness just passing through

I had inspiration, for a way to move forward
Spoke of my idea come “out of the blue”
Then lo and behold others told me the same thing
Enlightened by something just passing through

Desperately clinging to accumulations
Fearful of losing what’s me and what’s you
We loosen our grip and relax definitions
To realize all things are just passing through

Last night I smelled cinnamon, fresh bread and cider
Dad, darkly handsome, sang songs I once knew.
He untied mom’s apron, they danced with snowflakes
In the morning I cried, they were just passing through

Then comes unbidden a quicksilver moment
Transparent to what is inclusive and true
When compassion transcends what stands between us
And joins us to something just passing through


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